Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hej Sverige! and pies.

So it's interesting to see who reads my blog. It would appear that the Brits and the Americans like me and it always gives me a thrill to see a new country appear on my list of who has read it. My blog buddy Leanne always seems to attract the more obscure foreigners whereas I seem to be a magnet to basically the western world and occasionally the odd Japanese person .
I was thrilled to see that Sweden are reading it! I like Sweden because I like the Eurovision song contest and Abba and Roxette and I used to love it when Hale and Pace did the sketch about frisky Swedes in the sauna. I don't want to change what I blog about but it would be nice to keep my Scandinavian readers so I shall just do as I have always done and basically write a lot of nonsense about diets, books groups and naughty dogs.
I promised my hubby that I would make a pie today and by dinnertime I really couldn't be bothered. It's a lot of fussing around for something that I can buy from Tescos at half the price - and if I get a Tesco 'finest' one it will probably taste nicer. BUT - I still did it. It has chicken, bacon, sweetcorn and mushrooms in it and it is looking mighty fine. The pastry bit was touch and go and it kept splitting and I had flour EVERYWHERE so I hope he appreciates it.
He took Maddie to the vets today for her booster jabs and the vet has said she 'would like' Maddie to lose a kilo. I have noticed that she is getting a bit broad recently and she is infamous for nicking the cat food at every given opportunity but I am not sure how we are going to do this. Dogs are stupid - and will eat and eat until they are sick so I think a smaller cup of dried dog food in her dinner and a longer walk each day may be in order.
Martha has gone to Truro to see the Christmas lights being switched on - oh god, I have mentioned the 'C' word. I now need some wine........................and a slice of that pie,


  1. Lately Liz, I think the `devil` part of your title is more appropriate than the `diet` part!
    but who am I to talk!
    so not meant as a criticism just an observation :-)

  2. Now an Aussie is reading your blog!

  3. Hi Anne - and now you have a Brit reading yours!