Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happiness is.............a dog called Mutley

So life is a bit hard for me at the moment. My diet has gone to pot, my belly is getting bigger and I have all sorts of things that I need to sort out but am playing a waiting game. I go to bed, I sleep, I wake up far too early, I worry and then I fall back to sleep for an hour before I have to get up and face all the problems again.
A phrase I often use to friends going through a bad patch is 'nothing lasts for ever' and this is true. Things will get better and I have lots to be thankful for so I will no longer dwell on the negative as from now - well for today anyway!
My 18 month year old springer Mutley came along 2 months before the dear Daisy died last year. Maybe it was a premonition by myself and my hubby but he has been a blessing in disguise.
I love my doggies and out of all 3 of them Mutley is definitely the happiest. Maddie is a little bit 'special' and Freddy is a puppy and is too busy  often eating lightbulbs and shoes to settle down for long but Mutley is a big cuddly lump.
Just look at the photo and tell me that a dog can't look happy?
You can see it in their eyes - the devotion and the ? , well the LOVE - I don't care what anybody  says.......it is 100% true!
I adore the energy that they have for each new day - nothing bad from the day before is carried over - each new morning heralds the start of another canine adventure .
This is why they are man's best friend and no matter how low I feel I know there will always be a wet nose to nuzzle into me and nudge me out of my gloom.
Tomorrow is another day and I shall approach it 'springer' style.

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  1. well said that girl. I love that Honey loves me no matter what, and every day is a "I'm so pleased to see you" day.

    Would it be Mutley that hangs out of the window when Al goes to the horses? Made me laugh out loud last week!!