Saturday, 10 November 2012

I love Kahuna burgers!

So today we had a little bit of mother and daughter bonding time. I love having Hattie home!
We went to the Hub Bar on the harbour and on the recommendation of my friend Celeste I had a kahuna burger.
Oh my goodness it was DELICIOUS.
So was the sundae that I had at Moomaid of Zennor afterwards.
I will not be having any dinner tonight and I will not be going near my bathroom scales either.
I have however done a Tesco shop and have bought lots of fruit and yogurts so I have every intention of behaving myself tomorrow.......actually, not tomorrow as I am off for a cheeky carvery at lunchtime but Monday is another day.
Sometimes life gets on the way of all our best laid plans and I don't intend spending precious time with family by eating lettuce leaves.
When Hattie goes back to Cardiff on Monday and I am bereft then I will open the salad drawer in the fridge.
The weather is miserable and the town is empty and it is 3pm on a Saturday afternoon . I am too full to move so I shall politely excuse myself from the room and sneak off and resume reading my book.
When that's all I have to do then I feel happy.

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