Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life's a beach!

So I haven't blogged for ages.......well it's actually about a week and the reason??? Well I've had nothing much to blog about and have been having a few 'personal issues'.
I am making it sound all very mysterious - I am not getting divorced, I have no life threatening illness ( I hope ) and the world still turns so all is not lost.
I have many positives .
 I live in a beautiful place and hope to always live here, I have healthy and happy children and I am made from a combination of sturdy Northumbrian / Scottish stock so it's onwards and upwards for the future. I have said many a time to friends when life has kicked them in the teeth ''nothing lasts forever'' and I will take heed of my own advice and try and remain chipper throughout a tense and stressful period of my life.
Enough of this already - I'll tell you what I've been up to for the last few days.
Well........Martha went to Cardiff to stay with her sister and had a 'Wale' of a time, she did lots of shopping, ate Hattie out of student house and home and then came back and made the house not so quiet again.
Hattie is back for a long weekend tomorrow and it's 7 weeks since I have seen her and I can't wait!
We played the quiz against a team where the captain is a Harold Shipman lookalike and LOST as usual - but never before have I wnated to win so much. That man is VILE - I reckon Dr Shipman was probably a better laugh on a night out  and I so wish we all hadn't had that extra round of drinks because then surely we would have won???
It was book group last night which is my favourite night of the month! I was being all healthy and ate grapes instead of -
Chocolate cake
Lemon cake
Crispy type things
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Egg sandwiches
Sausage rolls
Wasn't I good? Oh I also drank grapes as well - in the form of a cheeky little merlot which was very nice.
The book we read 'The Forgotten Garden' by Kate Moreton provoked quite a reaction, Most of them liked it but Leanne, Jan and I didn't. Jan found a cracking blog about it today and I agree with everything that this blogger wrote. I am still chortling at the fairy tales in the book being likened to 'lumps in mashed potato' - I wish I had penned that phrase!
 You see that's something else I have to aim for and look forward to - getting my blog quoted and linked by other bloggers.

When that happens, I know that my life  will be on the up and in the meantime  some positive vibes would be good.
Thank you.

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