Saturday, 27 April 2013

You can't beat meat and pickles.............oh and some mayo, low fat of course

So , hands up, I like food.
 If I didn't like it then I wouldn't have called this blog 'Diet Devil' and I wouldn't be a life long member of fat club and a slave to all sorts of gimmicks that promise us the body to die for.
Luckily I also quite like to cook - sometimes.
This last few weeks my heart hasn't been into either dieting or cooking and I have tended to eat whatever is close to hand rather than think about it and be creative.
I have decided to enjoy my food again and whether this means making a new dish or just eating good old fashioned grub that makes me think 'mmmmmm that's nice' it's what I plan on doing. And of course, I am also going to try and keep it healthy and within the boundaries of Slimming World.
Today, for example, I had this for lunch..............
and as they would say down here in St Ives it was 'bleddy ansum'.
There's nothing quite like a bit ( or a lot ) of meat and pickle and the chicken, ham, onion and gherkin combo was delicious!
Tonight, Martha , inspired by the current series of Masterchef is going to make a chunky seafood chowder for dinner and the last time she made one it was divine. Honest to God, it had the aroma and taste of something that you would get in a restaurant. She is a culinary whizz and as her food tatses so nice I shall excuse the fact that I know she will use ust about every pot, plan and plate in my kitchen.
The knack to successful dieting is to make sure what you eat tastes as good as what you really want to eat. I know that pastry is a no no and that cheese has to be limited ( boooo ) but most recipes can be adapted to behave themselves in the calorie stakes.
I bought another load of food at Tescos today and apart from a packet of toasting muffins there was nothing in my shallow trolley that was naughty.
There was even a lettuce.
I think I need a lie down................I can feel a meat sweat coming.

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