Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Life is like a game of frustration

So today is Tuesday but as it has been a bank holiday weekend it feels like a Monday and I have had  2 days of work to do. I hit several hurdles today but think I have cleared them all.
I am having wine to celebrate.
 Not loads - just enough to make me say ''ahhhhhhh''
I made phone calls, I spoke to electricians, I had a medical problem, I had no electric, I had no food, I had a horrible out of date cereal bar for brunch, I had a couple of panic attacks, I had a few tears and then it all finally sorted itself out at around 5pm.
Is it all really worth it?
Why do I have to say the same things to the same people all the time - and not particularly nice things too?
Why do I bother?
When can I become a published writer and wave goodbye to it all?
Who knows. Tomorrow is another day and I will try and tackle it with enthusiasm and tranquility - ok even I know that this will not happen but my heart is in the right place.
As I have said before, I wish I was one of my springer spaniels - especially Freddy. This is what he looks like while reklaxed and this is what I will look like after my wine.
Cheers everyone!
Keep snarling.

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  1. oh yes, I can see the resemblance! better sort out those chin hairs Liz :-)