Monday, 29 April 2013

Ode to the doctors.

So back in the days of olden times

When life was fine and dandy

If you ever got an illness

The NHS was  oh so handy

Your mum would take your temperature

And send you back to bed

Ring them up , ‘’Yes I’ll come out’’

Is what they always said

I’m not sure exactly when it changed

But it’s deffo for the worse

These days you need

To beg and plead

Just to see a sodding nurse

You have to bribe receptionists

And invent all types of ills

Just to step foot in the waiting room

And get some special pills

And everything now  is viral

Do they say it just to spite us?

What happened to a good old bug

Or a case of tonsillitis?

What happened to a kind old doc

Whose advice was always best

As he fussed at you and patted you

With his steth pressed to your chest

And most worryingly  the bad  part

As your health official has a look

At your poor tired and ailing body

Is the fact they need to use a book

To diagnose your symptoms

And check you wont react

To the bottles they are prescribing you

And that you stay intact

And they’ve miraculously cured you

And your health is all tip top

Think next time

I’ll take a wander round

To the good old health food shop

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