Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I like old 'stuff'................but I also #lovehashtags

So today I went for a wander and snapped away at the lovely scene down on the harbour.
I am a secret wannabee snapper and even invested in a posh fancy camera around 18 months ago but since I got my posh fancy iphone a year ago I have barely used it. Makes me wish I hadn't spent the money on it in  the first place, but ah well.
Not long after the iphone and I became firm friends I discovered a thing called Instagram which basically takes your pics from your mobile device and adds light, shade and usually fuzzy edges to them.
I LOVE INSTAGRAM............there I have said it!
They make my pics look better than I ever could and using that app,  there are some seriously talented snappers.

  Oh I can dream.
One of the reasons I like it is because it can make any old pic looked old fashioned and I love this.
 I'm sure all you pre-digital blog readers out there will recall the photo albums from your youth and the nostalgia they evoke.
My Mum had hundreds of photos but they were all in a gigantic box on top of her wardrobe and it would genuinely thrill me to clamber up, get it down and spend hours just gazing at all the images.
Another aspect of old photos I love is ones of towns in bygone times. Growing up in an old town and living in one now too, I adore seeing scenes where only the clothing and transport has changed and you can pick out certain shops and say ''oh my god, that's an estate agents now and it used to be a cobblers'' etc etc etc
The fuzzier and more blurred the better as far as I was concerned and I know that anyone 40 ish plus like me will agree too.
It showed us all warts and all. It showed horrendous wallpaper and perms and bad home hair dyes and of course, the famous Lady Di sheep style jumper favoured by any true Northumbrian in the 80's.
There was no background planning or tidying of shelves malarkey. These photos were RAW!
 And does anyone remember all those photos of various places and landmarks which would be taken from a long distance and any family members or friends would just be tiny dots and you could never tell who they were anyway?
They were the best.  The good old days eh?
I can still visualise some of the photos that my Mum had and I would really love to get my hands on them and scan them and download them and send them to my phone and then Instagram them just to see if it would have a reverse effect and make them look modern. The things I wonder sometimes...........
And of course an important  feature of Instagram is the hashtags #####
To get your photo noticed you have to place a # in front of key words to attract attention and make other users look at the subject you are highlighting. For example, I like taking photos of food and I love to #bacon #beans and #chips it all but to the disgust of my children I also #foodporn and Mums and porn should not be used in the same area of social networking should they?
Especially ones that used to wear dodgy jumpers...............

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