Wednesday, 3 April 2013


So I could put if off no longer. My kids were right and we literally had ''no food in the house''. I did have wholewheat pasta , some frozen sweetcorn and some greek honey and peach yogurt but I didn't fancy making a meal out of that so we have just had a fun packed family outing to Morrison's.
I loathe shopping and I also loathe entire families  that feel the need to crowd round the trolley ( for any avid blog readers - you will remember I wrote a poem about it a while ago ) and today I was part of one of those families! I am sorry.
I had no list but I knew in my head what we needed. I am the ultimate online shopping fan, generally doing it from the comfort of my armchair at night whilst sipping a warm merlot or a cold voddie. At the moment I am economising and I wanted time alone without interruption to weigh up the value of my meat, fruit and veg. My shopping companions could see I was on a mission and knew better than to disturb me. They gave me a wide berth.
I was outaged at the cost of everything! Since when was caviar so dear? Why on earth is champagne so damned pricey these days????
As Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacey would say - ''joking I am '' - there was nowt in my trolley that wasn't a necessity and I found the whole expedition very depressing. My bill came to £77 and that was for a family of 4 with no luxuries or treats whatsoever. How the hell are young families with more than 2 kids and packed lunches etc meant to survive?
All this in the light of Moon Face's buddy Ian Duncan Smith claiming that anyone can survive on £53 a week, I would like to ask the jumped up political failure of a tosser - WHERE?
At an all inclusive holiday resort?
In the jungle?
In cloud cuckoo land?
And incase any of you are wondering who Moon Face is  - it's him below-
Now look at that expression.
Is he trying to decide which is the best value tins of beans? Is he trying to work out if he will have enough left out of his £53 at the checkout?
He is trying to look serious and pensive and caring.
He is trying to portray the image of 'the best man for the job'.
 He is seriously trying my patience. Me and the rest of the country.
Cost of living up up up
Wages the same or not up anywhere near as much.
You do the maths.
Roll on 2015.
Until then, we could all just put a picture of him on our fridge and then hopefully we will all feel so sick that we won't want to eat anyway.


  1. Try Lidl. It's where Tony shops (or he would i he wasn't earning a fortune overseas. Another career politician perhaps?)

  2. Ask this woman.She done it on a pound a day.