Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sniff Sniff Sniff

So in case any of you have missed this - I LOVE springer spaniels. I have 3 of them and I adore them and the Mummy of the youngest one has just had more puppies so I went to visit.
They were squishy and they were cute and they made little 'ooh ooh ' noises and I basically wanted to sniff them for hours and nibble their ears. I obviously didn't do this as I do occasionally manage to control myself in puppy type situations but they were adorable!

And as cute as they all are - they will grow into these .........
So there will be no new additions to the Noall Spaniel gang - definitely not!
But isn't there something totally delicious about the smell of anything baby? Whether it is a dog or a cat, or even an actual human, it makes my ovaries throb and my head go a little fuzzy. I love them and that is that.
And moving on from our canine chums, my life has been a little up and down recently.
I am very proud of myself for handling it quite well though and despite being stressed and upset over things I cant really do anything about, I haven't sunk into the awful depression that I had last year. My pecker has been well and truly up and as awful as my annus horribilus 2013 was, in a way it did me a favour as the events of this year are nowhere near as bad as the things that caused me to crumble last year.
And I appear to be still at target weight wise!
I have thrown in a few treats on a Thursday and Friday ( not sausage rolls or doughnuts I hasten to add ) and I eat my normal healthy stuff for the remainder of the week. I am never going to be 100% happy with myself but then again who is? and I am enjoying the moment and may try and tackle another half stone at some point in the future but not just yet.
And spring has sprung!
St Ives was shrouded in a weird fog last week and I am ecstatic to announce there has been no rain for what seems like ages now. The farm where the beautiful puppies live was bathed in golden sunshine and driving back through the winding lanes there was birds chirping and it was all very lovely.
I also have been overtaken by quiz type things. I am resuming doing the weekly quiz for the local pub on a Monday and am doing a couple of charity ones soon and then before I know it I am back up the campsite every Tuesday. I enjoy them and love having a microphone
''look at me and listen to me''
 so it's all good.
And of course - 3 huge events to look forward to
1. Dolly in Cardiff
2. Robbie at the O2
3. Hattie graduating.
Diamante and tassels for the first, Gig chic for the second and posh frock for the third so I best start saving and then get myself off doing the sort of shopping that I actually like now - clothes!

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