Saturday, 1 March 2014

Apparently they taste like hob nobs.

So - day 4 of being at target and I had lunch out. I had soup and my friend had a burger. And chips. There was a drizzle of cream on top of my soup and 2 chunks of bread. I ate it all. I am maybe pushing my luck or chancing my arm or both but it was the friendliest thing on the menu for me today.
And lunch was at The Hub. Honestly, the more I go there, the more I like it. Their banquettes are comfy and the place is always very lively. Oh and the view is great too. One woman on the way in fell and head butted the door and one woman on the way out nearly lost her fingers in a jamming incident so there was plenty to look at. When I say jamming, I mean she jammed them in the door and she wasn't playing the guitar with Jimmy Hendrix.
Tonight I am doing stuff in the kitchen again. I am making my infamous cauliflower bread  and I am also making something, which according to my friend Jenna 'tastes just like hob nobs'. Now in the grand scheme of things I don't really care for Hob Nobs but I am always up for a culinary adventure. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss. For example -
Quinoa Carrot Cake - surprisingly edible
Swiss Roll - nomch
Chickpea Hummus - Don't even go there
Magic Pancakes - Hurl - I'm still nervous around lots of eggs
Smash Pizzas - Meh
So I am not sure where these Hob Nobs will be on my list. They will be baked tonight and dunked into my black coffee in the morning. I am not going to reveal the ingredients but I may throw in a few sultanas just for the heck of it.

  I have just made them and I even threw in a sliced banana. I need to calm it down a bit. For those of you reading this that are true fans of a chunkier biscuit, you may want to look away..........
They smell nice, they look rough and in the words of Peter Kay, Hob Nobs are the royal marines of the biscuit world and  they can survive some hard core dunking.
Bring on the dunking tomorrow!

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