Sunday, 9 March 2014

My heart strings were tugged today and I wore shorts.

So I went shopping and I saw something in Tescos that made me feel very sad. It's too personal to put on here in case the 2 people in question should read it but it made me fill up a bit. I am saying no more. Life can be a total bitch and it definitely has been for these people.
I am moving swiftly on.
 I did an austerity shop. I hate shopping at the best of times and I have now been lured by the cheap meats of Camborne so anything that was thrown into my trolley was thrown in with a roll of my eyes and a loud 'TUT'! I excelled myself with some of the bargains I found though and not  a single one had a value sticker on so I was doubly pleased.  I think the depressing thing about food shopping though is the fact that no matter what you buy, you will have to go and do the same thing again the following week. Shopping day is groundhog day as far as I'm concerned.
And the weather is gorgeous! The predicted heatwave did arrive.
Too good to be shopping for long and so I took advantage and I did some weeding. I am not one of life's natural gardeners by any stretch of the imagination. Armed with my new hoe and wearing a pair of shorts that kept falling down I tackled it. I then realised that I had no idea where my gloves were so I went in bareback. There was a couple of whopping worms and I touched one and managed not to vomit and carried on until the front garden was weed free and the bulbs that Leanne gave me were planted. She even walked past my house and I am sure she was doing it to check that I was doing it right too. I could tell she was impressed.
And the good news is that I appear to be back at my target weight after the pastry shenanigans. I was good yesterday and have been good today and thankfully feel a lot better. Roast turkey for dinner with some of my beloved sprouts and a large glass of merlot should finish off the day nicely. I have nearly finished the quiz for the quiz final on Thursday with just a bit of nipping and tweaking required. Some of the questions are easy and some are real stinkers but it should sort the wheat from the proverbial chaff. I like both the teams that are partaking in the final and I really wouldn't like to say who I think would win but it will be a good night.
As long as I avoid the buffet obviously.
I also was going to attempt one of my infamous recipes using things that you can eat on Slimming World. It was pancakes and there was smash potato in them. I didn't have any smash in my cupboard and I fancied bacon and eggs instead so I didn't bother. I am thinking that tomorrow I will instead. My friend Jenna assured me that they were quite nice but I think they may be a no no from the word go as I don't really like pancakes that much anyway. These things need to be tried though - if only for the comedy factor.
And finally, this month I am determined to finish reading the book group book as I have been quite naughty recently. This month's choice is 'The Book Thief' and by all accounts it is a cracker. The trouble is that I am reading yet another Jenny Éclair and she is very funny whereas the book group choice is set in Nazi Germany so I am guessing the laughs will be few and far between.
We all need a bit of humour in our lives but we all need to read allocated books too so I am going to finish this blog right now and crack on.

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