Monday, 3 March 2014

Scales, Soup and Spring is trying to spring. And some serious stuff too.

So I got my scales back from Beccy. I am weak. I need them and I had almost forgotten that in a rash moment a couple of years ago I gave them away with strict instructions not to return until I got to target! I obviously bought another set which I then gave away a few weeks back to Angela from Camborne. I got the ones back off Beccy on Saturday. This excited me.
My excitement soon wore off though once I got on them and my weight fluctuated by half a stone in the space of me having a bath. This morning I appear to have lost 3 stone but I have gained 2 throughout the day. They are playing games with my fragile ego so I have asked Angela to bring back my other set when she comes to fat club on Wednesday. I need them . I try and kid myself I don't but I do and I wont be happy until they are back in their rightful place.
I had one of my soup moments this morning. I get them every so often and I am crap at making soup and if I'm honest I don't really like it that much either. I dry fried off loads of left over veg from last night's roast and then brought it to the boil, threw in an Oxo and put it on to simmer. It smelt ansum it really did.
And then I forgot that it was simmering and it had to be chiselled off the bottom of the pan and all I am saying is that it's a good job it was a good quality Jamie Oliver pan and it has lived to tell the tale. I hate him but his cookware is divine.
Leanne has said to leave the soup shenanigans to her and I can deal with the fish. She made a fish pie yesterday which by all accounts made her 'gip'. The whole lot was binned and I know there are lots of starving people in the world but from what she was saying I don't think they would have wanted it either.
And it's sunny!
And sort of dry!
There are baby birdies singing and definite little buds appearing and it is mellow and not so cold. I got my sunglasses out. I went for a walk and didn't wear them but I know where they are for future reference. This is good. I always find spring a promising month and I know that there is that old saying 'cast ne'er a clowt til May is out' but the first sniff of any remotely warm weather will prompt me into getting flip flopped and t shirted. It has to be done .
A serious bit now......................I rarely watch the news and I never read a newspaper but this whole Ukraine thing is worrying me now. I don't like the phrase 'world war three' being bandied about. When I was a lassie up in Northumberland in the 80's there was always that dark undercurrent of a threat that Russia was going to nuke America and because we had their missiles deployed at Greenham Common then we would get a slap on the way  past too. There was then Gadaffi and Libya in the mid 80's and then Saddam in the late 80's and into the 90's and then it wasn't nukes they were talking but chemical warfare. It is frightening and I don't really understand any of it.
All I know is that despite the monstrous weather the last few weeks I am glad I live where I do. We completely take for granted our health and our lives and my moaning about scales and burnt soup is zilch in comparison to the fear that the people over there must be going through. Life is cheap in some parts of the world, totally meaningless and this makes me sad.
And on that thoroughly depressing note, I am about to give Jamie's pan another chance. This time with some chilli.

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