Friday, 11 January 2013

woo hoo I did good.

So tonight was my first weigh in after rejoining fat club last week and I lost 3 and a half pounds. I was very proud of myself and had a handsome reward of something I would rather not talk about but it rhymes with ''churger and bips''. I know I know, but I had been ever so good all week and   felt that I deserved something nice and it was 'bleddy ansum' as they would say down here in St Ives.

Hattie went back to uni yesterday morning and I had a little sniffle. By the time I went to bed and had sipped a couple of vodkas it was more of a howl. I went into her bedroom, stroked her pillows ( in true psycho momma stylee) and then the tears flowed.

She is only up the road in Cardiff.

She is happy there.

She will be home at Easter.

St Ives is officially abandoned now. I walked through the streets today and there was  hardly a soul in sight. Nice if you're in a hurry but not so nice if you're trying to earn a living from it.

It is also very cold.  According to my fancy iphone and the weatherman the whole country has a 60% chance of snow in the next couple of days. It should hit my hometown of Alnwick tomorrow but I bet you it doesn't hit St Ives.

I love Cornwall but I do miss the snow that we used to have when I was a lass up in Northumberland. The utter silence when you woke up ( no cars as the roads were blocked ) and then the sound of spades against concrete as paths were being cleared. It also meant NO SCHOOL which was also a bonus. A friend of mine is desperate for it to snow and IF it does we are going to build a snowman.

And in the meantime, I shall avoid any churger and bips.

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