Tuesday, 15 January 2013

16 years gone in a flash............

So today Martha is 16. I can't quite believe it and to be honest I can't even remember her being a baby now.

A LOT happened in 1997 - Martha Elizabeth was born, Tony Blair became prime minister and Princess Diana died. The first 2 events made me happy. The last one made me sit in front of the telly and think of conspiracy theories.

When I took a pregnancy test  back in may 1996 I was in a hurry, thought it was negative and threw it in the bin. It was only that night whilst lying in bed that I read the instructions properly  and realised that I had read the results wrong so in the middle of the night I rummaged through the bin, had another look and thought ''oh my god - I AM pregnant''.

I had the usual sickness and it was at 34 weeks the midwife decided that the baby wasn't growing properly and they sent me for another scan. The good news was that Martha was growing properly, she was just in a very unusual position and wasn't playing ball with the rule book. they also told me that I was having another girl which I was thrilled about. Back in those days they very rarely revealed the results of a baby's sex at an early scan so I felt very important.

The birth was awkward, she was a week late, 2 pounds heavier than her sister and still lying in a really odd position so when she was born I was very relieved that I got to meet our new addition in perfect health.

She was the most affectionate little girl, her best friend was ( and still is ) Billie Goulden and this is one of my favourite pictures of them when they were about 6 with their faces painted.

They spent hours and hours in our gardens - in paddling pools that grew in size every summer and finally a huge trampoline bounced on most days before and after school.

She loved sleeping ( she still does ), adored horses ( still does ) , has a wicked and naughty sense of humour ( still does sometimes ) and is now all growed up.

She has had a lovely day today - spoilt by her friends and was baked a beautiful cake by her boyfriend.  

She is possibly one of the stroppiest teenagers I have ever met but I love every inch of her.

And if she reads this blog she will quite literally kill me.

And I am not joking.

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