Sunday, 13 January 2013

Proper job brunch and dread of putt putt putt

So yesterday the depression returned. It can just hit you when you least expect it and I had a few tears. Lots of stuff going on in my life at the moment and a bit overwhelming. 

This is why that I am glad that I have returned to Slimming World. 

I am not one of those people that loses their appetite when stressed or miserable. It's just the opposite and I think this can explain part of the mahoosive weight gain when I was avoiding fat club and the scales.
 Being back 'in the zone'  has given me something positive to focus on amongst  all the other stuff and it gives me some control.

It means  that although I can't really drink gallons of wine and chomp on chunks of chocolate, I can eat meals like this .....

and enjoy every last mouthful.

It means that hopefully I will soon fit into all the new clothes I bought last year without having to risk hernia / dislocating any limbs / heart attack etc so fingers crossed that i can keep it up.

Our house is very quiet without Hattie. Martha is 16 in 2 days time and will soon be whizzing around on Cinderella the lovely little moped parked in our garage. I am hoping that years of riding horses will mean that she wont fall off but I know my heart will be in my mouth every time she drives it, just like it was when Hattie was 16. It's all part of growing up and one that I dread but I have to bite my tongue and let her go - even if it's only up the road to school and back.

We always used to laugh when Hattie became mobile as every week there would be another moped parked outside school as another year 11 turned 16. There doesn't seem to be as many now and apparently Martha will be the first girl but we shall see. I remember when Hattie took her moped test in Penzance and straight after when we were driving home and went over a roundabout she said ''oh yeah, you have to give way to the left don't you?''
WE eschanged glances and I still don't know to this day if she was joking or not and it was only when she started driving cars that she told us all about her near misses on Cinderella.

I hope Martha drives safely and keeps quiet too................

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