Wednesday, 30 January 2013

45, fish and chips , flowers . friends and family.

So today it is exactly 45 years since I made my appearance into the world.
 January 30th 1968 at Hillcrest Maternity Hospital in Alnwick Northumberland is where I breathed my first breath on a cold Northumbrian winter's morning ``and here I am  several  years on.
Birthdays don't really float my boat to be honest. My last 'special' one was my 40th and my next special one is my 50th.................I can't be 5 years away from 50. I just can't!
Oh but I am , so I suppose I should get used to it.
I have had beautiful flowers, lovely cards, loads and loads of best wishes and some money to 'get my hair done' ( my mother and mother in law ). Boots vouchers to 'buy my own make up ( hubby and kids ) , a delicious smelling bath bomb ( Leanne, friend and fellow blogger ) and lots of love.
This has all warmed the cockles of my frequently gloomy heart. I took a few minutes to think about my Dad and the fact that it's now 5 years since he died and Hattie wrote on my Facebook wall that she wished she was here to celebrate it with me. I wish they were both here right now but they're not and I miss them both.
It was book group last night and we had our customary spread of goodies including one of the nicest and gooiest chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. This should have satisfied me but tonight we have had a birthday dinner of fish and chips ( my fave takeaway ) and wine and there is also some choccy on standby.
I think I will give fat club a miss this week. It's for the best. Ladies of 45 shouldn't have nasty shocks.
Back to  the lettuce leaves tomorrow..................probably.

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