Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Are pickled onions proper veg?

So today it is freezing! The weatherman says it is going to snow this weekend. I don't really care as long as I am inside and warm. Hattie goes back to Cardiff tomorrow and I always keep an eye on the weather there when she's away and then worry if she gets too cold. You don't stop being a Mum when they're 20!

Cold weather calls for comfort food. My stab at vegetarianism has failed miserably and even more so tonight as I decided to have pork chops, 'healthy chips', baked beans and some stray pickled onions left over from Christmas. very nice it was too.

And tomorrow is my first weigh in at the new group! I am nervous. keep your fingers crossed that I have done well. I think I have done everything right but the truth will out at those darned scales.

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  1. You have to question that pickled-onions are even proper veg Liz?, i find that quite shocking! :) x