Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 / 365.

So today is the first day of 2013. I was born in 1968 so that means I am 45 this year. I feel old. I feel tired and I also feel that I may have been a bit optimistic regarding my new year's resolutions......I have eaten meat and I am feeling a bit guilty.
I therefore resolve to write a blog post every day this year as I feel that it's something I can achieve. I nearly managed it last year and so today is day one.
New Year's Eve passed without major incident. Martha and all her friends went out dressed as cavegirls , they all got a bit tiddly and came back cold and wet with throbbing little pink feet from cramming them into ridiclously high heels. Hattie had an impromptu night out with Ben and Ben, two of her nicest frriends. Hubby went to bed early and I watched Alan Carr and ate chocolate and had a glass of wine. It was nice.
Today we had our annual lunch out at the Sheaf of Wheat and there was NO CARVERY! Talk about gutted! I settled for a steak and guiness pie which was delicious and I could barely move afterwards.
I still managed to eat this though....................................
which I think goes to highlight the fact that I really need to get back on track with the whole diet type scenario.
My oldest and bestest buddy Nicola  and I are off to see my favourite ever 80's pop group - The Pet Shop Boys in London in June so that is this year's inspiration.
Hubby took the tree down today which is the happiest I have seen him since he took it down last year. He is even more humbug than me but I now feel ready to tackle the new year. I know there will be some tough times, but I will face them and deal with them.

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