Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Here comes the silly season................oh and another swiss roll!

Well it's now my SECOND blog of the week and I am in need of some Kalms........not because I have blogged twice but because the holiday season is about to start in St Ives and we are about to be descended on by hoards and hoards of tourists.  Anyone that lives in St Ives is well aware that the tourist industry is very important to this town ( I was a visitor myself to Falmouth back in 1983 and fell in love with Cornwall ) but we all breathe a sigh of relief when they all go home again and the end of September! We can walk our dogs on the beaches, get served in the post office, shop at Tesco without having to push through entire families deciding which baked beans they should have and drive through town without people pushing their children's buggies in front of the car! It all starts this weekend and I have had a horrendously busy few days sorting out what needs to be done in all the holiday properties and I have already had my summer migraine where it feels like my brains are going to pop out of my head!

This is also the danger time for me diet wise - where I live in town has an array of sumptious takeaways aorund the corner and I must must must resist - apart from on Tuesday nights obviously. We have 2 Chineses, a chippy, an Indian, a lovely organic burger place and dozens of restaurants and it's when I'm too busy or tired or stressed to cook that I give in to their enticing aromas! I am still trying to be adventurous in the kitchen and am still shopping on line so I can plan ahead but all it takes is one hot and busy day to make all my good intentions fall by the wayside.

I lost a pound this week at fat club and fell short of my 12 week target by 2 and a half pounds. I am ok with this as I still think I have done well and if I could pat myself on the back then I would. I am off to Take That in 4 weeks nearly 3 stone lighter and am hoping to shift at least another stone by the wedding we are off to in September. I have come too far to blow it all now so am hoping that my work life will go smoothly and the takeaways will only benefit from my custom on a Tuesday!

I am also now having swiss roll withdrawal symptoms - I haven't nade one since Sunday and it's now Wednesday so even though I don't know if I'm coming or going this week, I do know what I shall be baking tomorrow afternoon!

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