Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Run for the hills - but not tonight because we went to Hayle and there aren;t any - but there was a swiss roll!

Ok - I hope everyone is sitting down whilst reading this as I have a momentous announcement to make -


As I have now lost quite a lot of weight I decided the time had come to firm up my wobbly bits, so with the help of my friend Mandy ( aka Ms Motivator ) I exercised and went running.

For all of you that are familiar with St Ives, you will know that it's 1) very hilly and 2) everyone knows me so we went to the local town of Hayle where it's 1) flat and 2) only a couple of people know me. I was absolutely dreading it as Mandy is an accomplished runner ( she even belongs to a club and has an oddly shaped water bottle ) but I have to say - I actually really enjoyed it! Mandy was a paragon of patience and we ran , walked, gossiped, ran, walked gossiped etc and the time flew. I'm not too sure that I will be able to move tomorrow but I am glad I took the plunge and went and I have even arranged to go along next Wednesday and may even fit in a cheeky little jog before then. I am very proud of myself and have rewarded myself with a lovely icy vodka and diet ( what else?) coke to quench my post run thirst.

My weigh in at fat club didn't go so well yesterday in that I gained half a pound. It's that dreaded time of the month again so I just have to live with it but I do feel crushed when I dont lose when I know I have been good. I think I can often place myself under too much pressure and I should focus on the losses as opposed to one half pound gain in four and  a half months. I do HAVE to be good for the next couple of weeks though as I have to lose 6 pounds in the next 2 weeks  to complete my 12 week challenge. I'm not sure whether I can do this but I know that I wont be far off target which is good - good for me and good for the British Heart Foundation. Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone..........

I have also been doing some more cooking and have made a couple of delicious swiss rolls again this week. Honest to God, it's like eating a PROPER cream cake and I just love them- they make me twitch and drool even more than normal.
 I made one last week that Hattie and Martha wolfed down in record time and placed another one in the fridge tonight prior to my run. I let the girls have a slice each but made them promise not to eat any more until I came home. Thankfully it was as I had left it when I got back and to be quite honest , I think it was the thought of it being there waiting for me that made me run, walk and gossip just that little bit faster!

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