Monday, 23 May 2011

A few thoughts................

I am being a bit adventurous and am posting 2 blogs this week! Bearing in mind that the world was supposed to end 2 days ago then I feel quite priveleged to be here at all, so here goes.

Tonight is the night before weigh in and my final weigh of my 12 week challenge. My scales at home are just about the same as the ones at slimming world and I know for sure that if I have lost anything then it certainly wont be the 3 and a half pounds required to meet my target. I have done nothing differently and am trying not to get too stressed as I had made a promise to myself last week that I would now take the heat off myself and enjoy the losses and ignore the gains and maintains. This seems even more poignant today - yesterday was my dad's 3 year anniversary and today a very good friend's husband died aged only 44. I think that this puts it all into perspective - there are far more things to worry about than the odd disappointing week at fat club aren't there?

I spent yesterday reflecting and thinking about my Dad and even went to the garden centre to buy a nice plant to put at the front of my house in his memory. This ended the day on a good note and made me feel quite positive....

This morning's news about my friends husband has knocked the wind out of my sails - he fought his illness bravely and I have full admiration for how he dealt with it and how my friend is coping. It's a sad day for all of us that knows them and for this reason, I shall be donating some of the proceeds from the 12 week challenge to Cancer Research as well as the British heart Foundation. I will obviously check with all my sponsors but am 100% sure that none of them will mind. I know my dad wouldn't have minded , infact I am sure he would agree that I am doing the right thing.

R.I.P. x

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