Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eurovision, naughty food, more swiss rolls,zumba and a wedding!

My blog is late this week as I have been busy so if any of you have been waiting in vain for 2 days -  I do apologise!

This week I lost another 2 and a half  pounds which now makes a total of 2 stone 9 and a half - woo hoo! I am on the last week of the 12 week challenge and I really need to lose 3 and a half pounds which I think may be pushing it but I think I have done well to lose ( almost ) a stone and a half when I had actually already lost a stone and a half before the challenge.

I probably didn't help myself much on Tuesday ( treat night ) by having a meal out and going the whole proverbial hog! Cheesy nachos to start, proper fish and chips for main and a hot chocolate fudge sunday for dessert with a mahoosive dollop of clotted cream. I love clotted cream and for anybody that hasn't tried it - you'd love it too. Thankfully, it doesn't love me too uch and I usually have to wash it down with a pint of Gaviscon but sometimes it's just too too hard to resist.....
The meal and the company were fab, as was the view of St Ives wharf and harbour - in my humble opinion, the best view of,  and in , St Ives.

I am back on a mission though and have pushed all thoughts of clotted cream and other delicious evils from my thoughts as I now have another incentive to keep me going long after Take That's final encore.

We have been invited to a wedding in Septmeber. My eldest daughter Hattie is going to be bridesmaid - this will make me cry. She goes to uni the week before - this too will make me cry but she will be coming back that weekend for the wedding and as I meet her from the train - yes , you've guessed it - this will make me cry. What will make me happy though, is being able to buy and wear something lovely to fit my newly trimmed figure so it's all systems go to keep up the good work.

My food flops hit an all time high on Saturday, when in true spirit of Eurovision ( the highlight of my televisual year ) I decided to cook a chicken and chickpea taginne. I know Morocco isn't in Europe ( yet ) but I thought something exotic and foreign was called for. I was a bit worried as I marinated the meat the night before as the list of spices seemed to be endless - you name it, it when on it. By the time I cooked it on saturday, it actually didn't taste particularly good  - it just tasted of 'too much' if that makes sense. The chickpeas were nice though , so it wasn';t all bad - and we didn't come last which was even better.

I have also taken the advice of our lovely Slimming World consultant and have bought Zumba for the Wii. It is still in the box daring me to try it out but I haven't quite roused myself yet, Apparently. it's great fun and it makes you sweaty - so is watching X Factor and eating a chicken madras, so we'll have to see how I get on when I eventually try it.

Down to serious matters - I have  developed a complete obsession with the swiss rolls that I mentioned in my last blog - I just cant stop making them. I have even made them for other poeple now in a bid to convince them how wonderful this recipe is. I cant walk past a shop without thinking 'oh they sell strawberries' and 'hmm - I wonder if I have enough eggs at home'' and its getting silly now. My friend Zoe made one every day last week and she is being a bit Nigella about it all by adding things like lemon and pineapples! We are all on a roll!

Next weekend is when my business starts to get manically busy so I am glad that I have done so well weight wise up to now. When the long Fridays and Saturdays hit home, there is little time to plan meals or eat properly and that's when I fall into the trap of the takeaways around the corner. I am hoping this year that I can be strong willed - this means having something tasty and easy to grab at hand without having to think about it too much. I  wonder just how many swiss rolls I can fit in my fridge at once????

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