Thursday, 9 June 2011

Look Sam - I've blogged!

Apologies for the non blogging last week but as I explained in my previous post, it's busy busy busy and I'm afraid my energy and desire to blog was dampened somewhat by the arrival of hundreds of tourists to our lovely little town.

Last week I lost 3 pounds and this week I managed another half and GOT MY THREE STONE AWARD!  I am very proud of myself as , give or take a few pounds, that is what I wanted to lose before my Take That adventures which are now only 2 weeks away. I'm still no string bean but am no longer a turnip and will feel happier knowing that I wont be blocking out the view of the 4 people standing behind me at the show.

So now I've achieved my goal I need to try and keep this weight off. Anyone that struggles with their eating will vouch that it's not the losing it but maintaining it that is the tricky bit. I still have the wedding in September and would love to lose another stone but for now I am content.

We had one of our famous taster mornings at fat club on Tuesday which we all enjoy. Nobody, but nobody eats before weigh in, so you can imagine the spectacle of 20 or so dieters being let loose on a table of free food - I dont think any bones or teeth were broken in the stampede but the food was certainly different to what we all normally have for breakfast. I made beef and butternutsquash curry and got up at 6.45 am to do this. Consequently my house smelled like an Indian takeaway for the rest of the day but it was delicious! I also made the now legendary swiss roll and other delights on the table included chilli, cheesecake, quiche and viennesse fingers. As I said, it wasn't our traditional breakfast but we all enjoyed it . I was so full that I didn't actually eat for the rest of the day until dinner time when I had what we call in our house 'the can't be arsed meal' ie, pizza! I needed to eat and get out to book group so thats why speed was of the essence. Maybe it's my newly refined taste buds talking here but I have to say it was truly truly awful. The 3 large glasses of wine at book group made me forget about it though........

And speaking of book group - well -it certainly is an experience! We went to Ros's house for this month's gathering and she had provided some tasty  nibbles. Once we had discussed the book we had all read ( this normally takes about 20 minutes ) we then regressed into memories of party food from the 1970's. Egg sandwiches, sausage rolls, beef paste buns and potatoes wrapped in tin foil with cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks and stuck in so it looks like a hedgehog. We all agreed that next time we would all bring a plate of some lovely retro munchies and as I have strategically planned book group for a Tuesday ( the day that doesn't count ) then I can guarantee that I will have a plateful! I dont know if it was a Northumbrian tradition but I do recall when I was a kid going to parties that we always used to have scones with butter and there would be a penny wrapped in tissue paper in the middle. I would appreciate it if any Alnwick people could confirm that this is true and not a figment of my imagination but I'm sure I'm right!
This would obviously violate health and safety regulations these days, but in the 1970's we liked to live on the edge. I'm not sure what my plate of food will consist of but if it's scones I will leave out the extras - we don't want  any choking before our 20 minute intellectual discussion! Choking with laughter is allowed but after lots of wine I doubt anyone will be capable of performing any Heimlich manoevres ( or however you spell it ) or kisses of life!

Hope everyone has a good week - and thank you to a certain young man in St Ives for nagging me to keep blogging. Sam, you can have my autgraph when I'm famous!

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