Thursday, 5 May 2011

Awards, chicken and cheesy stuff...........

This week I am proud to announce that I got my 2 and a half stone award at fat club and was also slimmer of the month for April. All very exciting stuff - and I have 5 and a half pounds left to lose in the next 3 weeks to complete my 12 week slimathon. I have prewarned my richer sponsors to dust off their cheque books and eat their words as I am more or less sure that I will do it!! What makes it even nicer is that the end of the slimathon coincides with my Dad's anniversary so handing over the money to the British Heart Foundation will be extra special for me.

I have prepared myself not to lose anything this week as it's my time of the month ( sorry male readers) but I am still determined to try a few new recipes. I have made tonight another swiss roll / roulade type thing ( I let Hattie whip the egg whites ) and have to say as I crammed a mahoosive slice in my mouth that it was absolutley delicious. I am so used to not having sugar and cream etc now that it ALMOST felt like a proper cream cake.
I also made diet coke chicken which got the thumbs up from my 2 biggest critics, Hattie and Martha, so blimey, it must be good.

I am also treating myself to a trip to Plymouth on Sunday as all my old clothes are hanging from my ever decreasing frame and I think a trip to the big smoke and Primani should be done. I obviously want to lose more so I wont break the bank but it will be nice to get some new togs.

Two of my favourite holiday owners Brian and Maryann are over for a couple of months from South africa and I am going to bombard Maryann with some fat club recipes. She is quite a whizz in the kitchen so it will be interesting to hear a non slimming world eater's take on them. I have emailed her the diet coke chicken and swiss roll recipe so I reckon I know what's on their menu at some point over the weekend! I may havre to poke my nose through their letterbox to see what I can sniff.

Oh, and I also made some 'cheesy bites' tonight - they too tasted lovely and I HAD planned on having them for lunch tomorrow but they seem to have disappeared into the mouths of my children.....

Work wise, we are having another lull after the madness of easter and I can't say I am disappointed. We have been so quiet over the winter that it was a real shock to the system being so busy again that I am still recovering. Those that know me and work for me also know that I have been 'pooped on' recently but I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully some much less stressful times ahead. I have made a couple of decisions that I haven't taken lightly and am sure I am doing the right thing. I am not old old old but feel that I am old enough to cut myself a bit of slack and maybe be a bit happier.

Goodbye til next week folks, I hope my shopping trip is successful, that my syndicate wins the lottery on saturday, we have a nice hot weekend and that Hattie and Martha will leave me some of my swiss roll for tomorrow...........

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