Thursday, 20 January 2011

Oh Hugh, I love you.............

Well despite my resolution I haven't blogged for twelve whole days and what a week and a half I have had!

For those of you that don't already know, my hubby was in hospital last week for a couple of days and it knocked the stuffing out of me - literally. Me being me though, I turned it around and used it to my advantage by working WITH the stress and I ate healthily at every meal time ( all be it half heartedly ) and managed a fantastic 3 pound weight loss this week at fat club. I have now lost 8 pounds and I got a sticker ( half stone ) a fridge magnet and a very enthusiastic round of applause from my fellow fatties. It was quite a moment and I felt a bit Gwyneth Paltrow-like making my acceptance speech  - you know I'm joking but I am chuffed!

Now hubby is home and on the mend and life is back to as normal as it will ever be. I joined a couple of friends at a knitting group last night and had a much needed giggle. We have called the group 'stitch and bitch' and boy, did we do some bitching! There was only 3 of us there and one of the ladies ( not mentioning any names , Caitlin ) made me laugh with the most ambitious jumper ever that she is hoping to have ready for next Christmas - we are going for quality as opposed to quantity - as it had snowmen and robins and virgin Mary's on and literally everything Christmassy. I knitted about 8 rows of what is going to be a cardigan but I haven't stated which Christmas I hope to be wearing it , just to be on the safe side.  It was a fun night but I think the biggest stitches were in our sides after our moans, groans and just general putting the world to rights. It was a much needed tonic to my recent worries.

I have also planned to go to a zumba class on Monday. I am not sure what zumba is but I think it will sound impressive next week at fat club when I casually drop into the conversation ''oh and yeah, err I did zumba''.

But down to the most important bit of my blog - the food!

I love watching cookery programmes on telly and most of the celebrity chefs bring out a severe twitch and a a mild form of tourettes ( Heston and Jamie ) but I do adore Hugh Fearnley Whittingsdale! I was lucky enough to get his book for Christmas and have been pouring over it to see what I can concoct and keep relatively fat club friendly. I just love his down to earth charm and the fact that he seems like a genuinely nice fella - no airs , no graces, no snail porridge and no 'easy tigers' lisped out every 5 minutes.  I also like his philosophy on watse, or lack of, when he turns all leftovers into delicious dinners the following day.

So it's with Hugh in mind at the moment when I do the cooking - I'm not sure the rest of my household are going to enjoy everything I make but as long as they try I'll be happy.

And one final note - I am going to measure my alcohol. At fat club you can have a 125 ml glass of wine for 4.5 syns. This poses a problem already as I don't possess any wine glasses that are that small so I will be doubling up. I will obviously write everything sown as we are advised too although I'm sure the writing may be a bit shaky after the first couple..........

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  1. I want to do zumba so bad. It's really good for you apparently, but completely knackering! My dads girlfriend does it.