Monday, 3 January 2011

Even the dog didn't want it................

So I am still revved up and ready to embrace all that 2011 offers and in true revolutionary style I thought I would try something different on the recipe front. I found a recipe for 'sweet potato humous' and it sounded and looked delicious - perfect for a bank holiday lunch.

First of all though,  when Asda delivered my shopping yesterday they had sold out of sweet potatoes - no problem, Lisa was working today and had to walk past Carbis Bay Tescos , so I asked if she would be kind enough to grab me a couple en route to my house.

I put them in the oven as instructed and then hit my next problem - no chickpeas. I could have sworn blind that there was a tin nestled in my healthily stocked cupboard - right behind the veg oxo cubes and tuna, but no, we were chickpea -  less. Luckily our Co-op sold them and my kind hubby went and bought me TWO tins - just incase my recipe was such a roaring success that I may want to repeat it soon......

As soon as my potatoes were soft , I snipped the ends off and squeezed them into a bowl - I'm not going to lie about this, it wasn't particularly pleasant and it made me think of squeezing sausages out of their skins for some reason.  I then added the chickpeas and as we dont appear to have a  food processor ( personally I thought we did - right next to the smoothie maker ) I used my 'pulser' instead. Once it was all mushed I stirred in some garlic and lemon juice and left it in the fridge to 'set'.

To cut a long story short, I thought it was ok. It made Hattie start gagging very loudly and it also stuck to the roof of her mouth. Even delicately chopped celery and crispy carrot batons couldn't make it look nicer. It basically looked like mashed sweet potato with the odd lump. As Hattie pointed out - ''the humous we get from Tescos doesn't have whole chickpeas in it Mum'' - which I don't think is a bad thing - mine is original and rustic! You could never find one like it in any shop.

The cherry on the cake however is the fact that my youngest and not particularly intelligent springer spaniel Maddie even refused to eat it. She held it in her mouth and then spat it out. My husband thought it was hilarious that a dog that we have to rugby tackle away from the cat's litter tray when there's been a deposit, wouldn't even entertain it.

Ah well - maybe I'll stick to more traditional cooking, but at least I am trying............very trying!

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