Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My buddy Bella!

Well yesterday was my first weigh in after my rejoining of Fat Club last week and ( trumpet fanfare please )  I was overjoyed to have lost 2 pounds ! This was in the week between Christmas and New Year where there was lots of wine and quite a few Roses left - I still ate and drank more than I should have but was generally a lot better behaved than I had been. It was also THE week when lots of people drag themselves off to various weight loss clubs and gyms,  determined to put into effect their revolutions......It was at Fat Club 2 years ago in New Year 2009 that I bonded with my buddy Bella.

She was meant to come with me this Tuesday morning but was unable to due to a medical problem - she had a bad hangover, and not just in her jeans!

Bella isn't actually called Bella - it is my petname for her. Our daughters are friends and this is how we met - we didn't know each other that well but still decided that we would embark on a weight loss journey together. To be honest, Bella isn't ( that ) overweight but I didn't want to over flatter her so I told her that she reminded me of Bella Emberg, the rotund old bat from Russ Abbott's Madhouse back in the 1970's. She took this good heartedly and her pet name for me is Mabes , which I think is a name my kids gave to me and it has connections to a donkey called Mabel who had a nosebag.

As well as seeing each other at Fat Club every Tuesday we also had an adventure to Ikea in Bristol, which to any non Cornwall  readers is quite a big day out! Bella had no wing mirror on her car which was a bit scary but also had no idea on how to get there when we hit Bristol - we did eventually find it and I consoled myself with the meatballs and Dime cake while Bella spent 4 and a half hours looking at chopping boards - and I am not exaggerating! When we left Ikea that night we were both a bit tired and grumpy but managed to keep ourselves amused with a good old singalong in the car and planning what we would call ourselves when we appeared on X Factor - we decided to play safe and settled  on  'Bella and Mabes'. We also came across a roadside incident and when we slowed down and wound the window down to observe,  a 12 year old policeman waved his arms in the manner of an overly boisterous air traffic controller and we decided to incorporate that very move into our X Factor dance routine............ Simon Cowell would love it!

Sadly our Fat Club days were numbered and Bella decided to go it alone at home, and she did very well, but we still had fun generally tricking, teasing and verbally abusing each other. I presumed Bella's massive bum was down to her love of pie and every birthday, Christmas etc would usually involve a poem about pies from me. Bella excelled herself this year though when she bought me a beautiful pie dish as a present - I have yet to christen it but it has pride of place in my cupboard as I know it was bought with true love and friendship.

I have told Bella to scoff all the goodies at her house as she IS coming next Tuesday - and coincidentally this week's Bella magazine has a voucher for free membership to Slimming World! A sign if there ever was one or is that just pie in the sky????? We shall see............................

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