Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year - and now for the 'revolutions'.................

Well 2011 is upon us and has now been upon us for 9 and 3/4 hours. I am not a 'new year' person at all in that new year's eve has never appealed to me but I actually quite like new year's day.
 I love the newness of it and all the positivity,  whereas unfortunatley on new year's eve I think it can be all too easy to focus on the negative.

When I was a little girl , I used to listen to grown ups talking about new year and for years genuinely thought it was 'revolutions' that people made and not 'resolutions' - well I for one, am still going to refer to them as the former as it makes them sound much more exciting and life changing!

My first revolution is ( and always is ) to lose weight - perhaps I should reword it and just try and eat  healthier - this I am already  trying to do and the remainder of the tin of Roses and one and a half bottles of wine I glugged last night do not coulnt as that was last year , although I can't be too sure I didn't scoff a couple of caramels THIS year before bed. Hmmmm.

My second revolution is to start my book group - I once read a book called 'The Book Group' and ever since then I have harboured fantasies of entertaining like minded 'bookies' with witty and wise commentary whilst nibbling on something in filo pastry and sipping on  some merlot ( not sure how this ties in with revolution number one but please humour me, after all it is MY blog )  or alternatively just having a laugh over a tube of pringles with some good friends once a month. I am hoping to get the ball rolling by the end of January - so watch this space!

My third revolution is to get out more!
Since moving right into town 2 years ago it's easy not to go anywhere in particular as everything can be seen / accessed from my doorstep. I don't just mean St Ives itself but Cornwall in general. I live in a beautiful county and there are lots of it that I haven't seen and I would like to see and ( if allowed ) so would my  2 springers.
When I grew up in Northumberland I thought it was the most boring place on earth and couldn't wait to leave but when my Dad died and I went back for his funeral and then to scatter his ashes I looked at my home county so differently. It is a wonderful place and I could have kicked myself for not liking it more when I was there. The place where his ashes are scattered is one of the most magnificent views and landscapes ever and I am glad that is where he is at rest - I would like to go back one day and sit a while but I am not quite ready to do that yet.  What I will do though, is explore where I am - my Dad was a great walker and loved the outdoors and I am going to the same this year.

My fourth and final revolution is to try and blog regularly. This blog was initially to document my weight loss leading to Take That in June 2011 but I am going to add snippets of all the other silly little bits of my life too. I like to write and I think that the people that know me like to read it so it's a win win situation. I get to waffle aimlessly and it gives the odd pal a laugh along the way.

As is customary in our family - it is lunch out today at the local pub. Carvery and wine and then home to take the much battered ( by Finn ) tree down. A good old hoover, decorations back in the attic and then onwards and ( weight wise ) downwards for 2011.

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  1. Yayy, I always call them 'revolutions' too.
    Have you been to Tehidy woods? Drive up the coast road from Hayle towards Portreath and look out for the North Woods carpark. It's good all year round, plus in the summer you can cross the road and walk down to the coast path.

    May all your revoultions be peaceful and successful x