Saturday, 8 January 2011

LIfe's a beach.....................

Well we are apparently back to normal now after the gigantic amount of bank holidays that always happen when Christmas and New Year fall on a weekend . It was a cold and crisp day in St Ives today and as I had caught up on my dreaded extra invoicing due to the vat hike ( thanks Cameregg ) I more or less had a day off, which on a Saturday is very very rare in the land of holiday rental.

My youngest daughter had a riding lesson but Hattie was up for a walk with the dogs and where better to go than Carbis Bay ( the village right next to St Ives ) beach.
 Don't get me wrong - St Ives has actually got 4 beaches or 5 if you include Bambalooza, but I like Carbis Bay because it has interesting caves and is usually pretty quiet. I haven't been there for 4 years,  when on Christmas Eve 2006 my oldest springer Daisy ( then a 3 year old pup ) decided to scale the cliffs and head towards the railway track! This was scary - I know a lady who's dog ( also a springer ) got ran over and killed on that very same track and as much as we yelled Daisy had gone..................

As it was Christmas there was lots of holidaymakers and they all gathered together with us at the foot of that cliff yelling 'Daisy Daisy' in all manner of accents from all over the UK - it would have been a beautiful moment had I not been dreading the sight of the train approaching..........

Luckily for Daisy she came down but we made a mental note not to go there again - or at least for a long long time.

Today the sun was shining and it was very mild by lunchtime. There was about a dozen seals larking about near the shore and hundreds of  gulls riding the waves and bobbing for whitebait. I remarked to Hattie that we forget how simple things can often mean the most and just watching the coastline and the wildlife was wonderful.

On heading back to the car I noticed how many kids were digging and running and just being genuinely happy and mentally kicked myself up the bum. I am so lucky to live in such a place and I thought of all the kids that never see a beach, a field or animals in their natural habitat and it put into perspective my low mood over the last few days. The sight of a gigantic inflatable football being kicked about also made me laugh and then quickly put Maddie ( youngest and naughtiest springer ) on the lead - I could envisage a 'popping' incident and I don't think I am ready for another drama at Carbis Bay beach just yet.

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