Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I can't eat any more yogurt and I need to man up!

Ok so the gums are still sore and I have 3 nights out , plus a lunch out , a parents evening at M's 6th form college and I need to lose a pound by tomorrow. No pressure then. I need to man up. Oh and my tree still isn't up and Casual Nick has just phoned me because he forgot to put my gp's name on his referral letter so I have been set back 4 days on the whole extraction process.
Apart from that I am fine.
My cheeks are no longer swollen but the bits inside my mouth are. I had a near fatal incident last night when some of my oil of cloves that I was tenderly massaging onto my afflicted areas trickled down my throat. I panicked but I am still here. My voice has returned to normal and I am so glad that I am not a neurotic hypochondriac .
It's fat club tomorrow and  our Christmas do. It is a carvery in a restaurant that I am sure got shut down for food poisoning a few years ago. If I lose a pound by tomorrow then I will get my 2 stone award and sticker and certificate and you all know what a sucker I am for these types of things. It will also mean a lovely selfie of me looking joyous on Facebook and I am still laughing at the fact that according to that very  social networking site that out of my entire  2013 in review, that a photo of me with seagull plop dripping down my face was the most popular post.
I am at a party tonight and there will be lots of food. And booze. I am going to sip water and eat the carrots and celery and not dip them in anything. I have 2 tins of Roses in my lounge and M keeps asking me to open them but I am determined. I reckon that 'project minging dress' was a no no because since I gave myself the target of fitting into it by Christmas and having lost weight since then, it still wont zip up and I never liked in anyway.
And going back to the fat club do tomorrow............what does one wear to a day time do in a place that could potentially enable us to lose like a stone by next week if history repeats itself? Do I dress smart, fancy or casual? Hair up or down? How much make up? It's all decisions here. And if I don't lose that pound does that mean I will ransack the roasties, pile on the parsnips and gorge on the gravy? And do I have a pud?
One thing for sure is - as soon as my gums are better, I will never eat a yogurt again. I don't even bloody like the stuff. I can just about tolerate a greek one but generally I think yogurt is yuk. All I want to do is crunch without wincing and to eat on both sides of my mouth without tipping my head to the right and dribbling. I am painting a lovely picture here, but that's how it is.
And I am very excited about the weekend so I need to feel better. I am retrieving H from Wales and bringing her home. She is ready to be back and I am ready to have her home. We all are. She misses the spaniels desperately when she isn't at home and I know there will be lots of squealing and weeing when she comes through the door - from the dogs and not from her obviously.
And on that jolly note, I need to scout through my wardrobe for something to wear tonight - but not the minging dress obviously.

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