Friday, 27 December 2013

Baubles or lack of and the resisitng of truffles.

So I survived Christmas and all things considered ( ie, I am a total humbugger ) it was actually very nice. I did not get up at 5am, I got some lovely presents and my turkey wasn't dry, so all was good.
Well mostly - in trying to become top dog in the house Freddy has been downright mean to Mutley and we have had a few nasty incidents. I for one wanted to get them both chopped earlier this year but my husband ( for once ) put his foot down so I didn't. Too late now - Freddy is booked in for Monday and his baubles will no longer be hanging from his tree. And that's all I am going to say about it.
I need to talk about my diet as this blog was intended to be about diets anyway and I have to say I have been remarkably restrained.
Monday night I experienced a Polish Christmas and I have to say the food was very nice and I ate lots of it but I wasn't so restrained with the vodka shots. I drank gallons of the stuff - and remained upright. The following day I struggled a little bit but managed to haul my sorry ass down to Caffe Pasta for the annual girls lunch with my 2 best gay friends. A bowl of soup and half a pizza sorted me out although I did make sure I sat at the seat nearest to the loo...........
Christmas Day was all about the meat. My turkey was moist, my gammon was nicely glazed and I have to say that my gravy ( northern style obviously ) clung to my roast potatoes in a very alluring manner. I had crème brulee for pud and had some satsumas for tea.
Am I sad? Yes a bit but since my angelic slimming worlding for the past 3 months I simply can't shovel it in like I used to. I get weighed next Thursday and have high hopes that I will at the very least not have gained anything over Christmas and even higher hopes that I may even lose a little.
And there is only 4 more days of this grotty year left. This pleases me no end.
 It was my annus horribilus although not all of it was bad.
2014 will be fun and I will enjoy it. I am seeing Dolly Parton and Robbie Williams, I will see H graduate, I will parachute out of an aeroplane for charity and , oh yes, I am going dry in January for Cancer Research!! I am a bit concerned that I have no donations apart from £2 so can you all dig deep and be generous!
Thank you - I am now going to eat yet another Satsuma x

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