Sunday, 8 December 2013

Gumgate, Hamstergate, Dietgate and Hugh Grant.

So they're back!
My Wisdom teeth had reared their ugly heads again and I ended up back in the chair of Casual Nick on Friday. I like Casual Nick. He has a dry sense of humour and we have a banter. One of the receptionists told me that a lot of people don't quite know how to take him and one mother was very upset because he asked her which end of the toothbrush her child actually used to clean her teeth.
Anyway, I am digressing - CN took a look at me and said 'ouch' when he saw my poor hamster type face. He then gently laid me down and looked into my mouth and said -
''Liz you have a cracker of an infection'' and then whipped some antibiotics out of his special drawer.
Now they are not the same ones that I had last time - they are less evil and I can still have a drink with them but I am not allowed to go to any stag or hen nights. I think CN gets the impression that I am some sort of party animal but I'm not. I am just sociable and most of my socialising involves alcohol. It's as simple as that.
He has also written to the hospital and advised that they get me in asap to get them whipped out. he is getting his whipped out too and for one moment I thought he may suggest we make a day of it together. As mine aren't popping through yet it will involve 2 visits - one to slice the top of my gums and the other to dig them out. I don't want to think about it any more.
Anyway, my cheek has now gone down a bit and I don't look quite as much like a hamster as I did on Friday. I am hoping to return to normal  really soon.
I have had a couple of fun nights out in the last week. One was a wine tasting night at a lovely little bar on the harbour. It was brilliant. We pretended we knew what we were talking about as we slurped and the food was amazing. It is a seafood place and there was delicious canap├ęs and crabs and a wonderful rum and crab bisque to sip. I enjoyed every minute of it.
And this week it is the fat club Christmas do!
Witchy Liz will not be there which is just as well because I do not think I could enjoy a carvery with her picking and slopping at herself. The woman is crazy! And not in a good way either.........She is having an operation on Wednesday and nobody has dared to ask what the operation is for. She has a stick so I am guessing it is for her leg but she left class early this week and my secret buddy and myself saw her walk through the car park practically carrying the stick and not a limp in sight.
And I still have no tree up. I am guessing that I will do it around the 20th or better still - H and M can do it when H gets back from uni. I am totally useless at putting shiny balls on trees and as I am a total humbugger it will only be done begrudgingly so I think it's best if I give it a miss.
I promise faithfully to cheer up soon though and enjoy the festive season. I have a huge tin of Roses and several bottles of nice wine so I am getting there. And as soon as I have seen the film 'Love Actually' I will be fine.
Christmas isn't Christmas without Hugh Grant.

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