Friday, 17 January 2014

The hatred of scales, a new addition and will the lunges clear my sinuses?

So I am THREE POUNDS UP from my weigh in on Wednesday.
How and Why?
This is where I should toss those scales out the window and calm the hell down but of course I am not going to do that because -
1. They may hit a passing spaniel on the head
2. I am not generally a calm person so it's unlikely that this will make me one.
I have no idea where this THREE POUNDS has come from and I hope to god that it goes away before next Wednesday. The good news on the dietary front though, is that I now fit into a pair of jeans that I bought in November that would go no further than my thighs so maybe the THREE POUNDS have just moved to another part of my body - like my ankles perhaps?
Today M got her car. It is a red version of the dearly departed Sylvia that served H so well after she passed her driving test. It is a car that both the girls will share and I am looking forward to how that will turn out.
I drove it home and it went like a dream and due to some total idiot that indicated a bit late going through Carbis Bay, I am now 100% sure that the brakes are in full working order.
All we need now are the 'L' plates.........and she's off!
I have got some yukky bug. My throat is sore and I have catarrh and I feel slightly sick. I do not like feeling like this and I am miserable.
I need to get better. Tomorrow is my second beach bootcamp and I cant wait to see 'Steve' again. I am praying that more people turn up so it's not just me and Vickie. I am figuring that if there are more than 2 of us than he may not notice my lethargic planking and half hearted 'sprinting' down to the shore. It's not that I don't want to go, it's just that I feel as weak as a kitten and not in the least bit energetic but I will be there in mind and body and ready to lunge.
I am also taking my camera so you can all see what 'Steve' looks like. Oh and this week I must remember water..............and maybe some sinus tablets too.

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