Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014....................ah here you are!

So it's a new year - it is 2014!
2013 was a bastard, an annus horribilus but it is gone now. Done. Finished. Thankfully.
It didn't even end on the best note when I had a bit of a family crisis and had to dash off to Bristol and back within 24 hours. M came with me and we got lost and nearly ran out of petrol in Bristol city centre but I am back and ready to face whatever life cares to throw in my face this year.
Of course there will be nice bits with some of my favourite people.
Dolly Parton with Leanne.
Robbie Williams with Nicola.
Throwing myself out of an aeroplane and not dying with Debbie.
Going to meet Rachael at long last in Wiltshire.
And today was the start of my dry January. I am officially a dryathlete! The sad thing is that due to being so tired after the long drive, I didn't even drink a lot last night and I ended up taking a bottle of prosecco to bed at 8.15 and sipping occasionally whilst trying to blot out the noise of rowdy teenage girls having pre drinks.
The early hours of the morning were spent trying to blot out the sounds of constant trips to the bathroom by non teenagers that had had too much to drink.
Today has consisted of working ( booooo ) and having an all day breakfast at the Sheaf of Wheat ( hurray). And speaking of food - tomorrow I return to fat club after not having weighed for 3 whole weeks! I gave myself a limit of not putting on any more than 2 pounds and I want to be at target by the end of February. In the grand scheme of things I haven't actually eaten that much, I have just eaten very differently to normal and I need to resume my normal healthy 3 meals a day.
And as for resolutions? Well I haven't really made any.
I aim to be happy and there are a few things that I will do differently this year to last but they are minor things that shouldn't cause me too much stress.
Freddy has still got his crown jewels due to my Bristol trip but he knows their days are numbered. Maddie seems to have picked up the habit of always licking herself and Mutley is literally a dog on heat so his crown jewels wont be here for much longer either. Oh and the cat needs to see a vet as he has either been scrapping or has been hit on the head with a claw hammer.
And that is the first day of the new year in a nutshell.
And I have also decided to make a note of one thing each day that makes me laugh.
Today's was a false eyelash on my loo seat.
I wonder what tomorrow's will be?
Happy New Year!

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