Friday, 10 January 2014

New Kindles, nearly there and OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?

So it would appear that I am the slackest blogger ever. While Leanne has been a goody two shoes and has been blogging regularly I ................well I just haven't ok?
I had a tragedy last weekend when I sat on my Kindle but I am now the proud owner of a shiny new one - one that can do everything apparently but all I have done is read and read and read and read.
Good news on the diet front! This week I lost 3 pounds and I am technically 8 pounds away from my target. This excites me but scares me at the same time as anyone that has ever dieted knows that it's not the losing of the weight but the keeping off of  the weight that is the issue. I have spent time thinking how I am going to play this when I get there and I hope you have all noticed my positivity where this is concerned. 
Do I start sneaking the odd Mars Bar or pie down my neck? Maybe an extra bottle of wine on the weekend? A lovely Chinese now and again? Who knows?
I do know however that I don't want to live my life obsessing about everything that goes into my mouth but  I also don't want to return to bad habits. Maybe the feel of my hip bones will inspire me to behave. I hope so. I like my new wardrobe and I have given all my fat stuff to the BHF.
And now I must talk about what I have signed up to do.
Beach Bootcamp! Tomorrow! A bootcamp on the beach!
'Steve' the instructor sounded about 15 on the phone. I told him that I was horrendously unfit and he laughed nervously. He told me to wear a hoody and I made a mental note to wear a sturdy bra as I frankly don't think 'Steve' will be able to handle my rack crashing about when I am doing squats. I am scared. Afraid that I will make a tit of myself and quite worried that I may collapse and have a heart attack..........
And after my extreme workout I am taking H back to Cardiff, I am then going to visit the mothership in Bristol where my brother will be and we will discuss the future.
I checked with him earlier about what we were eating for dinner and he said -
''oh I can survive on sandwiches''
I shrieked neurotically ''well I bloody cant! I will bring stuff for spag bol!''

And please all remember I am still not drinking, being a dryathlete and all. Ironically I think this month may have been the wrong month to go dry but I am sticking with it.
This is going to be an interesting weekend.................let's just hope I am still walking and talking by Monday morning x

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