Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Targets, Teenagers and TeeTree!

So today is the day and baby M is now 17!
Now I'm not saying she is high maintenance but......................she is a bit like the queen and her birthday appears to be lasting for quite a few days. Around 179 teenage girls plus Gareth, Tom and Callum have all just left my house to go and eat at Peppers. They are shrieking and giggling and I feel sorry for the waitress that will be attending to them. M has already said she 'might' have fillet steak and she is still heady from her driving lesson with Lovely Nick, who incidentally looks a bit like Russell Crowe. It's all good and I didn't even howl too much when her friend Freya posted this video of all of her friends saying happy birthday. Well I did a bit but hey ho.
But back to me..............It was fat club today and I sort of reached a target. It's an interim target and I am going to try and lose another 7 - 10 pounds and see how I feel. This is strange. I have never reached a target before and when I do I am not quite sure what to do.........
At my spiritual home of Redruth there are several target members who all seem to keep on the straight and narrow. They all seem to cook and eat a lot and I also cook and eat a lot so I am hoping that these qualities will bode well for the future of my hip bones - and yes, the hip bones have now reappeared.
I suppose it's all about finding the right balance. Counteracting a mars bar with an apple and saying no to that second glass of wine and for all you non dieters out there - yes we do have to think like this!
I have been religiously been writing down my list of funnies. I have 15 of them now and some of them are rude. I have copied and pasted the follwing as a taster of what we are dealing with -
January 8th - Somebody thought I was the ballet teacher
January 9th - Leanne Vickie and I signing up for bootcamp
January 10th - Hattie's look of venom when I said what music I like on Youtube
January 11th - EVERYTHING about beach bootcamp
January 12th - John wanting to slap me when I told him how to make me a bacon sandwich
and I am guessing some of you are now thinking 'hmmm well I suppose you had to be there' and yes, maybe you did but they are all snippets from everyday life  that have made me smirk, laugh or holler.
I am relieved of Brizzle duties for this weekend. I have persuaded kind H to go there. She doesn't want to and it's going to cost me a dongle but my brother and I are very happy that she agreed. The drive back last Sunday was horrific and I am not one of life's natural drivers and I honestly don't think I can face it again for a couple of weeks.
I also have no hot water. My gas boiler has died and I can only have showers until it is mended.
I don't like showers that much and even less so since an incident with some very 'sharp' teatree shower gel. Think your worst people - it stung!
I have gallons of things to put in a bath that will relax me, soothe me and make me feel invigorated and I am going to either sit in the bath of a holiday home around the corner or up to Leanne's.Of course, now that I am all sylph like I could maybe sit in my shower but it just wouldn't be the same.
Onwards and upwards and downwards - it's all part of life.


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