Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Striking while the iron's hot!

So Christmas 2012 is over! Thank goodness is what I say - I am definitely team humbug and due to being a bit depressed the last few weeks I have had to drag every ounce of goodwill out of my system to get through it.................and I did!
I may have mentioned in previous blogs, but I am planning on giving up meat for 2013. I will eat fish if I feel the need but as I don't really like fish that much then I am thinking it wont be that often. I believe the correct phrase is pescatarian. Martha is joining me in this attempt.
We had dinner at the in laws today and also tea today and as Ma in law is a vegetarian there was quite a lot of food that had no meat there and very nice it was too.
However, as I tucked into a gigantic slab of pork pie I thought about my forthcoming resolution and decided as from tomorrow the meat is going to go!!!!!
I am doing it for ethical reasons.
I love meat and I have no issue with eating it. What I do have issues with is the mass production of meat through farming and how the animals are treated these days. I have watched a few videos, spoken to a few people and am going to give it a try.
I will miss bacon, pork, chicken, beef, lamb, the lot.
Wish me luck!

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