Saturday, 22 December 2012

Off my trolley!

So, yeah, ok I've been slack and I am hanging my head in deep deep shame. It is 15 days since I last blogged and I was being ever so good too.
It is 3 days until Christmas and never before have I been so disorganised. It's hard when your kids are older. When they're little you can buy big plastic things and colouring books and pens but when they are 15 and 20 it's not so easy.
Clothes are totally out of the question - whatever I buy would be met with a polite 'thanks, it's great'  and an exchange of glances between them, jewellery is much the same, make up is a safe bet but they already have tons, is there any need for dvd's and cd's with netflix and iphones / ipods about?
So it's difficult and because of this I grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns today and thought I would nail it in 3 shops.
1. Tesco Extra - basic food and gifts .
2. Marks and Sparks - nicer food and gifts.
3. Bookers Cash and Carry - we need coal and logs and a large bottle of gin for my father in law.
Well I managed the first two. Just.
Martha came to 'help' so I had to strategically place things I had bought her under loaves of bread and coffee ( I was also trying to do a 'normal' shop at the same time) whilst having my ankles bashed and trying to weave my way up the cheese section.
Nerves were frayed and tempers were running high. One shopper had the utther audacity to stop and look at her list in front of the mini pork pies and I could feel a dull thudding in my temples begin.
The queues were horrific. I stood behind a lady who had literally bought everything. She commented to me at one point 'ooh I bet you wish you had joined another queue now' and I gave what I hoped was a jovial smile but I think was more of a snarl with the odd facial tick thrown in.
Why do we do it. WHY?
It's 2 days and in our case we are out for both of them so there was really no need for me to panic over the pringles, obsess next to the olives and hyperventilate beside the humous.
On the plus side, I have been given heaps and heaps of yummy merlot by customers so I am planning on cracking a bottle open tonight in between resisting the profiterole pyramid that is sat on the top shelf of my fridge.

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