Friday, 7 December 2012

18 days left and still nowt!

So I am honestly trying!
 I have still not bought a single present yet and have no idea what to buy when I eventually do.
Martha wants a Mac Book Air ( no chance ) , Hattie wants some Ugg boots ( possibly ) , hubby wants some long johns and dog clippers (!) and I want some new slippers.
St Ives is looking very Christmassy and is so cold. We drove round town after work today and I was determined to get a photo of waves crashing onto the rocks at Mann's Head at Clodgy. It took absolutley ages and everytime I gave up a huge wave would come along. I eventually got this ......
which I was very pleased with. It may have been cold but the sea was breathtaking.
We are looking forward to Hattie coming back home next Sunday. Martha and I went to Truro College last night for eyt another open evening ( no, she still hasn't decided where she is going ) and we had some homemade chocolate truffles. They were delcious.
We are going to make some and some mince pies for Christmas.
My diet is now non existent but soon it will be January................

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