Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I got what I knew I would get.............

Well this week I have stayed the same - I knew I would and have behaved myself so all is good. I also found that this week that there was no pressure on myself by myself as I knew I wouldn't lose so there were no feelings of guilt and I wasn't annoyed.

We are enjoying a mini heatwave in Cornwall at the moment which is lovely - after the long cold winter it is definitely uplifting to be able to sit out in the garden without wearing 4 layers of clothing.

Our trip to Cardiff went well - we got to Wales in just under 3 hours which was a comfort to me to know that Hattie is not going TOO far away and I ( yes even I ) feel able to be able to jump in a car and visit her. We met her friend Ben from Truro College there, who was also attending the open day and his Mum Beccie. It's harder for Beccie as Ben is her only one ( I still have the Martha ) and we had a little moment together thinking of September. It's hard when chicks fly the nest and I am dreading it but I need to put on a brave face. I have done little but cry since last Wednesday but at least I have a few months to get used to it. New chapters ahead for Hattie and myself but positive chapters they are.

Cardiff seemed like a lovely city from what I saw of it - and the building where Hattie will attend most of her lectures has a beautiful large park / garden in front of it with a monument and benches etc. There was a really good vibe from the other students and everyone was HAPPY!

It's silly season once again with the business which has been a bit of a shock to the system - it's easy to forget from one year to the next just how busy it gets but as long as I am busy I am less inclined to be looking at naughty things to eat and drink. I am determined that next week will show a loss on those scales and even though it's a week nearer to September, it's still a week nearer to Robbie and The Pet Shop Boys.

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