Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Feeling hot hot hot!

Hooray - another 2 pounds gone  this week and am now on a loss of 2 stone 3 - this was especially good as I had a meal out last Tuesday after Fat Club ( Tuesday night is treat aka cheat night ) and although I resisted the sticky toffee pudding, I did not resist the duck filo parcels with hoi sin sauce and creamy mushroom sauce on my steak OR the chips that came with it. Thank you very much Peppers of St Ives - your decor may be the same as when I moved here 22 years ago but your food is always lovely!

We are on the second week of the Easter holidays and the weather is perfect. I would like to say that it's like August, but as it normally pees down throughout most of August, I wont. The kids have been on the beach every day, I have sat out in the garden and even though last weekend was potentially a horror work wise, all went well. Anyone in the tourist industry ( especially in Cornwall ) knows that rain makes the tourists grumpy and they then start to winge so all in all everyone seems to be happy.

I had a lovely lunch out today outside The Sloop Inn right on the harbour front in town. It was jam packed and we managed to bag a decent table due to one of our group being heavily pregnant but doing some nifty moves for a woman of her size and condition! I had fish pie which is sort of Slimming World friendly and a pint and a half of diet coke so have come home  pink and full.

On a non dietary topic - I was most upset to read today that Simon Cowell will not be doing X Factor this year and this has left me with a bit of a dilemma. To me, Simon Cowell IS the X Factor so I don't know whether to boycott altogether or give in and try and like whoever replaces him. Anyone that is friends with me on Facebook knows that they dont even need to watch the show as they can simply follow my comments but it just wont be the same without the huge hair, high trousers and bitchy squabbles with Louis. Yes - I know the show is bad and there's a lot of genuine talent out there which truly deserves recognition but I just cant help myself. I am drawn to the tears, the tantrums, the dramatic camera angles and background music - and I'm only talking about the judges!!!

My weekends are so stressful and busy in the summer - but a weekly dose of Dermot and gang along with a nice glass of wine usually calms me down and makes me forget the previous 48 hours. I know several friends wont agree with me on this but I think there is so much doom and gloom on the news and in life in general that its nice to have abit of escapism.

I have no more meals out planned for the week ahead, and you know what??? I would really love to lose 4 pounds to get my 2 and a half stone shiny sticker but I think thats unlikely as I have already lost a fair bit. Who can tell? I am going to remain focussed and determined and a miracle may happen.

In my quieter moments over the next few weeks I will keep my eyes and ears peeled as to who will be the new judge and I am crossing my fingers that it's not Michael McIntyre, SuBo or the woman from the Halifax ad that says 'Isa Isa Baby' - any one of those ( particularly the latter ) would surely be rubbing salt in my wounds!

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  1. well done Liz, you are looking great! Keep up the good work. I heard that Robbie is also on a diet and has had a four figure bet to lose weight! He must have heard that you are going to see him and are dieting too and decided to look good for you too!