Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's all gravy............

Well what a week! I have been as good as gold and only lost half a flipping pound! I just don't know what I have done wrong - I did have a night out on Saturday but apart from a relatively virtuous carvery and 2 large juicy glasses of the red stuff I have behaved and all for HALF A POUND! I am trying to be positive but feel that my dream of a sylph like physique in time for Robbie is slipping away!

I have therefore decided to revert to form and go back to having a proper treat on weigh in nights - tonight I am having meat and potato pie and chips with ( remember - I am Northern ) mushy peas and lashings of gravy. The thought of it is making me feel giddy with pleasure and I fear that I may have a 'when Harry met Sally' type chipasm but sod it, I'm having it.
It's hard to sit in a fat club class listening to other people's squeals of glee at having lost 2 or 3 pounds and exclaiming they 'dont know how, I've had 4 takeaways' etc but I think I shouldn't be too hard on myself and just loosen the reins a bit one night of the week. I need to remind myself that I have done incredibly well so far and not beat myself up. A loss is still a loss, even if it is only half a pound so I am going to enjoy my nosh tonight and start afresh tomorrow.

On the cooking front I didn't do anything controversial with my loin of pork but I DID do a delicious meat and potato pie that the girls and I loved. Al declined due to the fact there was celery in it - celery is to him what quorn is to me. I had intended on hiding the bits of celery under potatoes but he managed to sneak a look at the recipe and I was well and truly rumbled. I will have to chop it more finely and cover my tracks next time..............

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