Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fishcake Failure...............

Well Tuesday has come around again and I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I had a LOSS this week of 3.5 pounds. This means that I turned my frown upside down from last week and am feeling a lot more confident and motivated again. I also won Slimmer of The Week and took home a lovely bag of fruit. Oddly enough, when I actually remember to take a piece of fruit to class it's usually the bruised and sticky plum from the bottom of my fruit bowl but thankfully everyone else had brought in nice stuff for me to nibble on.

I have had 2 momentous failures on the cookery front this week. The first was an irish type stew with colcannon topping.Now don't get me wrong, I love stew in any form but this one had chopped tomatoes and I really feel that they have no place in the culinary world apart from anything that is vaguely Italian. One of my daughters sneaked upstairs with a plateful and came down with a very contented looking Maddie ( youngest springer ) and the other reckoned the very sight of it 'freaked her out' so she declined.
It tasted quite nice but I dont think I will be attempting it again........

My second failure was homemade  fishcakes which looked delicious but failed to hit the spot. It was whilst halfway through the first one that I remembered I don't really like fish unless it's in batter with chips so it was a no no before I even started . Once again, one daughter  refused it and the other one fed bits to the dog , and even the dog didn't gulp it down in her usual fashion. Again, it wont be a recipe that I will be repeating for a while...............

I think therefore that this week I will go back to what I know best - some good old roasts and plain simple food that I know will get eaten. Our recipe this week at fat Club was for a 'cherry clafoutis'. I don't know what a clafoutis is, but let's be honest, it sounds a bit like clitoris or something that would require antibiotics so I don't think that will be adorning the dining table  Chy Noall this week either.

It's hard to lose weight in the first place and I think boredom is a big factor to people going off the straight and narrow so that's why I trawl through various websites for new and exciting recipes. Sometimes I hit lucky and sometimes I don't - it's the luck of the draw - but I think I deserve 10 out of 10 for trying. Unfortunately  it's when a meal is cooked that doesn't taste good that I am liable to misbehave. ....... and for that reason alone ,  I am crossing my fingers and toes and keeping anything fishy / Irishy / clafoutissy OFF the menu!

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