Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm back with my machine of dreams.

So it has been a long long 2 and a half months since I dipped my toe into the pool of blogging. I have missed it. I'm not sure if I have been missed but I am back.
The summer in St Ives has been and gone and I am now ( sort of ) enjoying a Sunny September. I am back at fat club every week, I have been given the role of the weighing lady and I have kept off the weight I have lost and am still a target member...........which means that after the thousands of pounds I have spent in my life at trying not to be fat, I no longer have to pay.
So what's it like to be at 'target'? Shall I say..........and shall I be honest?
I don't go surfing, I haven't discovered a new inner me and I haven't felt the need to climb any mountains.
I have bought nice new clothes, I have continued to make relatively wise choices with my food, I still have my culinary flops and I will speak to anyone that asks about how I did it.
And that's about it really.
Yesterday I bought a Tefal Actifry.
Any readers out there may recall that I have said on more than one occasion that chips are indeed my favourite vegetable. I make them in a healthy manner ( squirted with low cal oil spray and chucked in the oven ) and yes, they are ok. BUT they aren't like what you would buy at the chippy.
Let's be honest here though folks - the only chips that taste like they have been bought at the chippy ARE chips that were bought from the chippy but I have to say that my actifry ones were pretty darned tasty. They were so tasty and I was so impressed that so far today I have done sausages in it, I have roast potatoes in it as I speak and I have some parsnips and honey just waiting to be fried in an active way. It's all healthy and it's all good.
And during my absence I haven't been a total angel with regards to my food consumption. I have had numerous meals out,  I have clinked various glasses of prosecco ( my new merlot )   and I actually put on 4 pounds after a weekend with Rachael ( one of my new years resolutions was to meet her ) BUT I got it all off the next week because as lovely as it all is I simply don't want to go back to being a porker.
So, if any of you are after a top tip with this slimming malarkey , that's it really.
Yes, have treats and yes, have the odd blow out but don't let that blow out continue.
Life is all about living.
And crispy chips.

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