Thursday, 15 January 2015

The feisty one can vote!

So today M turned 18!  I am not sure how that seems like only yesterday that she was a noisy little person giving me sleepless nights..............oh wait, she still is!
I am handling it a lot better than I thought I would. I do not feel in any way redundant as a mother as I actually think that my kids are more demanding as they get older. If all goes according to their life plans, they will both be flying the nest this September so I am grinning and bearing the unpaid job of being their PA for the time being.
So what can I say about Martha?
She doesn't look like me but we definitely have similar personality traits - she is feisty, quite opinionated, a bit of a softy underneath it all and a bit of a madam. She also likes food.....the big difference being that she can eat what she wants and is tiny.
I am told by many that she has an excellent sense of humour and is 'really funny' , To be honest, this revelation may escape me a bit but I am not doubting it in any way.
She can now drive, she can now vote ( not UKIP ) and she is hoping to go to Bristol University to study law later this year. She can cook, she bakes beautiful cakes, she is well spoken , she is beautiful and I am very proud of her.
She will always be my baby and if she reads this she wont be happy.....but simply, that's how it is.
Every time she goes off out in the car I think to myself 'she's too small and young to be driving' but she is living her life and she has her whole life in front of her and this makes me happy. I am aware she likes to party  too and the odd thing is that I don't really worry about her on that score as she is more than capable of looking after herself.
So that's today's very mushy blog.
And one final word for all you younger Mums out there.................time really does fly, and they will be grown ups before you know it.

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