Monday, 15 September 2014

What's a number anyway ?

So I've been thinking . It's something I do a lot of and possibly too much of but it's something that I'm unlikely to change now at the ripe old age of 46.

I'm thinking about numbers and quite specifically the numbers that flash up on the dreaded scales . Yes , I'm still a serial weigher and have even taken to making a note of my daily weight on my fancy iPhone . I make charts and graphs because I'm far from someone that has OCD but I do like to see statistics - I think  they're vital ( see what I did there ?) when you're attempting to lose weight !

Today I'm up one!

This can't be right but I saw it with my own eyes , just before I growled .

And this is the point of my blog today ......

Will we ever be happy with our lot and really what does a number mean when logically I'm not going to look or feel any differently from yesterday ?

My old fat club consultant said to me that if you pretty much still eat the same as when you were losing weight but nothing else budges  , then you're at the weight you're meant to be . This makes complete sense but I need to use this as my mantra instead of beating myself up about it .

Since doing the weighing at fat club I see dozens of women of varying weights , shapes and sizes hopping on and off those scales and I know more than anyone that 3 people that all weigh the same aren't necessarily going to look the same.

We are all different and as much as I often think it would be nice to have smaller boobs or narrower hips - IT ISN'T EVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

if I paid more attention to that stupid bmi chart then I would never get to target and my new clothes now span over at least 3 different sizes depending on the cut and the shop so these numbers are never going to be simple .

So my point is - and I know I've blogged this countless times ..... I may ditch the scales ( apart from the official ones ) and calm down and practise what I've just preached .

That's all I had to say and I've done this blog on my mobile and if I'm feeling very adventurous I may just delete my weight data ........

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