Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quorn sausages are the devil's fingers.....

I am bored and have just had a rummage in my freezer. Every so often I buy a packet of Quorn sausages but I genuinely don't know why I bother , as every time I cook them I will have one bite and then remember how much I don't like them. Other group members claim to 'love them' and how 'they're just the same as real sausages' but this is one of life's many myths - there is no way that those rubbery little bad boys are the same as a big, fat, porky, juicy banger. End of. For vegetarians though, maybe it does remind them of the real thing........

This brings me on to the lengths we go to when trying to lose weight and eat healthily, to substitute the so called naughty foods for their lower fat / calorie equivalent.
Tonight, for example, I am cooking lasagne - and the 'white sauce' will be a concoction of egg yolks ,  quark and cottage cheese. This may sound yukky  but it infact tastes delicious - so delicious that I may have to have an extra large plateful.

Past failures in the 'substitutes' cooking department would have to include low fat hot chocolate stirred into fromage frais  - it apparently tastes just like chocolate mousse - it doesn't - it tastes like ( you've probably already guessed ) low fat hot chocolate stirred into fromage frais , the use of  yogurt or fromage frais instead of cream - hmmmm - I tried to make creamy garlic mushrooms once using greek yogurt instead of double cream and it curdled in the pan ( I ate it anyway ) and it was toe curlingly vile, beansprouts instead of spaghetti and finally possibly the funniest substitution / adaptation ever was a suggestion by a Weight Watcher leader who suggested grating a bit of cheddar , mixing it with grated carrots and leaving it overnight as the carrots would then be 'like cheese' in the morning! I never tried this and hand on heart, I never will.

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  1. I bet Robbie eats big fat porky bangers. Me, I like a Linconshire in white bread with loads of ketchup.