Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Do I really need a chart on the fridge? Of course I do!!!!!.

Ok - it's my first day blogging and I am very aware that I need to make this witty, interesting, fun and want to leave the reader gagging for more.....

I am a yo yo dieter - I have tried everything. I have done Slimfast, Calories, Cabbage Soup, Bananas and milk, Fruit and yogurt and Slimming World and it's Slimming World that works for me - when I actually DO it.

I have become one of those people that goes to group every week and never actually gets any thinner. I lose a bit, I gain a bit, I lose the plot, I find the wine...I'm sure you get the picture but this time I absolutely have to succeed as I have a very very important date next June that I need to look good for.
I am off to see Take That with one of my oldest ( and thinnest, grrr ) friends and I just cannot be wobbling when everyone else is writhing can I?
There are so many things that I was going to lose weight for and haven't - my 40th, my 41st, my daughter's 18th , various Christmases , holidays etc etc and although I enjoyed them all I know I would have enjoyed them MORE if I was slimmer. I am naturally a show off and can be a bit of a party animal when on the vino but being a bloater has supressed that part of me.
I am not unrealistic - I do not think that if I was slim that my life would be a box of chocolates ( woops ) but I do think I would be less tired, would feel fitter and therefore be happier. Every overweight person knows that inside them is a slim person trying to get out and I have decided that slim person needs releasing!

I have set a goal! - one and a half pounds a week til I am reuntied with the boys - that will amount to 45 pounds , or 3 stone 2. It wont turn me into Twiggy but it will be a weight that I think is manageable.

I have made a chart which I am sticking on the front of my healthily stocked fridge. It is the numbers 45 down to 0 and I will cross them off as I go. It may sound a tad anal but it's how my mind works. I need all the help I can get - Christmas is just a month away and I love nothing better than a mince pie, sausage roll, brandy snap, christmas pudding, truffles, pringles, dip, stilton and sherry.

Oh, and this blog isn't all about my 'journey' - I will also be mentioning my teenage daughters, animals, love of X Factor and the trials and tribulations of a holiday property cleaning business.



  1. Ha! Finally remembered my google log-in details and made it!

    Good luck! This might actually help me get the last of my bulk off too. The chart isnt anal by the way - pyschologically it's very important to be able to see your progress irrefutably as you will stop seeing it in the mirror. Also take your measurements every couple of weeks - the scales may not always show progress but the tape measure might (body fat being less dense than body fat and all that stuff!)

  2. Oops - meant body fat being less dense than muscle tissue!

  3. great idea your blog Liz. Always find your posts on facebook give me a good laugh. Good luck with the weight loss, I can totally relate of course being a fellow SW member and going off the boil for the last two weeks. I was so strong before my holiday.......