Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I really must take this more seriously!

Doubly inspired by Leanne's http://todaysstuff-leanne.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/wild-thing.html

and Michelle's http://foodyliscious.blogspot.co.uk/ I will start blogging more seriously and more often. I have 20 adoring followers that expect something from me every so often, but bearing in mind my last blog was about 10 weeks ago I'm not cutting the mustard at the moment.

The title of this blog though is actually referring to my weight loss - had a very cheeky gain this week at fat club and it was very well deserved! Up until last night I was determined to give class a miss due to a mysterious bout of 'flu' but I woke up this morning and thought to myself that if I didn't go today then I would certainly  be scoffing on a pasty by lunchtime.

I went and faced the music, and came away all revitalised and motivated etc and so far so good........

I am about the same weight as I was a year ago, and in all fairness, have still lost a lot but I am so easily lead! My most recent naughty week comprised of 3 meals out, 2 takeaways, one cream tea, lashings of wine and no willpower. The sad thing is that when i eat rubbish, I feel rubbish so I should really learn my lesson but don't!

It's also hard to be organised when your work is based around the tourist industry and the town is overrun by people walking very slowly up the middle of the road and our local Tescos ( one of the dearest in the UK ) stocks nothing very inspiring but with a little bit of preparation I can do it.

On another note, Mutley, our middle springer, fractured one front paw last week and has floating bone in the other. he was due to go back to the vets tomorrow and is under house arrest for at least another 5 weeks.
He had to go back today though, as whilst frollocking with Freddy ( baby springer ) he managed to rip his toenail off and is now wearing a bright pink bandage and my purse is £40 lighter.

I swear that he looks depressed - but not as depressed as I will look if I don't shed some of this weight next week.

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  1. Gooooooooo Liz!!! You can do it!! I am falling off the wagon 'cos I'm stuck at home and just want to eat - when I work, it is far easier. Pig, pig, pig is my mantra at the mo! Good luck with the melons!!! xx